Why UPMT is the BEST!

Quotes I started taking the HSAP in 10th grade and wasn't passing it. Sometimes I missed by 1 or 2 points. I had 1 last chance to take it in my senior year. Mrs. Frierson got Mr. Burgess to tutor me in math and I passed. I was so happy and I thank him so much because he showed me a better way to do math. He is Great! Quotes
2014 High School Graduate

Quotes Throughout my 4 years of high school, I've struggled with all types of math. Having study sessions with Gilbert in my sophomore to senior year really improved my grades. He brought it down to a level where I could understand and comprehend the work. Quotes
Matthew Alston
2014 High School Graduate

Quotes Math was like "ugh" to me until Gilbert Burgess broke it down and explained it on a level I could understand. It was even better than the classroom teaching. I was making an "F" and "?" in the class before his help, but afterwards, I completed my pre-cal class with a "B+". Quotes
Jermeka Burgess
Former College Student

Quotes Mr. Burgess helped me throughout his class. He taught more than just math. He taught me how tough life would get, but also to never give up and pray through it. Quotes
Willie Brown
Former 8th Grade Student

Quotes Mr. Burgess is an awesome teacher. He breaks down everything to help you understand any math problem. He also shows other ways to find the answer and makes sure you understand how he got it. Quotes
Tyronne Battle
Former 8th Grade Student

Quotes Gilbert's tutoring skills are awesome! Thanks to him, I was able to pass college algebra with a "B+". Quotes
Algia Covert
Current College Student

Quotes Mr. Burgess is a Christian who loves God and believes in His Word, therefore he is faithful and dedicated to the gifts God has given to him. He is a gifted math teacher. Mr. Burgess has tutored for FAVOR, Inc. The students' grades improved and they loved him. Quotes
Rutha Frierson
Founder FAVOR, Inc.

Quotes I would like for each one of you, who I have tutored, to leave a testimonal about how my service was and the experience was for you. I thank you in advance! Quotes
Gilbert Burgess
Tutor and Administrator of Website